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Ken Nortje - Cyber Memorial - 10am Saturday 14 May 2016

If you have the latest Internet Explorer, you will now see 21 photo slideshow from Kens life. If not, you can download the PowerPoint show here.
Ken Nortje 1926-2016
Greetings all friends of Ken.
   We are planning a Cyber memorial for Ken,
  at 10:00 AM Zimbabwean time,
  Saturday 14 May 2016.
  For others this will be:
Location Time
Harare, J'burg etc. 10:00 AM
Victoria, NSW, Queensland 6:00 PM
South Australia 5:30 PM
Western Australia 4:00 PM
New Zealand 8:00 PM
London 9:00 AM
At exactly 10:00 AM Zim time, we will run the above presentation - We will not be connected to one another in any electronic format - the show will just run on your PC. (We have tried to keep the file size small enough to be manageable for people on dial-up connections etc. so there is no sound, and the pictures are suitable for use on a PC only).

Please send this invitation / presentation onto any other of Ken's friends. Email me if you require the large automated Power Point presentation.
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, photos and input. Very much appreciated. Thanks also to Doreen for taking care of Ken in his final days.

Warmest Regards to you all.

Baz & Julia
Ken Nortje 1926-2016

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12th May 2016

Greetings all friends of Ken,

Before retiring tonight I just have to send an email to you all to say that today Aubrey and I attended the Memorial Service for Ken at the Presbyterian Church in Mutare. It was beautiful! The Church is where Ken worshipped every Sunday for many years, and many of the congregation today ( over fifty folk) were members of the Church. The music was played by a group of five musicians and the words of the hymns, which all seems very fitting for Ken, were projected onto a screen with a background picture of the historic Cross Kopje, and later a musasa in deep spring colour on a Mutare granite kop. The service was led by a young Mutare doctor, a lay pastor, and the tribute was read by Des Becker, a leader in the church and much respected member of the Mutare community. This was wonderful - written by Ken's scout friend in Bulawayo, with further information added by one of Doreen sons. I asked for and was given a hard copy but shall ask for a copy on computer to send to you all. The sermon was by the priest, a lively, sincere African man who spoke about 'going home'. I took photos but tonight the camera is refusing to download. Forgive me too for not getting the names of those involved; I shall remedy this. (We proudly told quite a few folk that we were representing Ken's Scouts !)

During the tea in the church garden we set up the laptop, and your wonderful Presentation played on a slide show. There was a little crowd watching throughout the morning. Doreen's brother, Shaun, asked if I would send him the presentation so the family could watch it on Saturday - with the Rest of the World. We feel that Baz, Julia, Ev, John and all those who were involved in putting together this tribute, have not only given the Scouts a special means of recalling memories of Ken, but prompted the family to commemorate his life as he would have wished. The amazing tribute made by you all through the financial support given to Doreen over the past few months must have given the family an insight into just how much Ken was appreciated by you all.

The plan is to spread Ken's ashes in the Chimanis on his 90th birthday in October.

Chris you asked if anyone has Ken's CV. Have a look in 'Yarns of the 2nd Salisbury Seniors' page 87 onwards, there is a wonderful 'interview' with Ken.

With best wishes to you all,

Aubrey and Ann (Logan)
Peps' sister and brother- in- law.